This is How Slow Internet Speeds Hurt Your Business

This is How Slow Internet Speeds Hurt Your Business

2020-04-28 00:01:44

One of the most common ways consumers will judge your business is through your Internet user experience. Perceptions are everything, and slow internet can hurt a business, but it can also hurt you, especially if it's slow.

If you believe that your company's Internet connection is satisfactory, there are many reasons to increase your Internet speed. In fact, a faster connection might be enough to take your business to a whole new level, and improving your speed is an investment in your customer experience. There are many ways that the slow Internet can hurt a business, but there is another way it can hurt your business more than you thought.

If you don't think your guests will notice what the competition offers in the future, underestimate today's tech-savvy consumers. Slow Internet speeds slow your productivity, and that's bad for your business and your customers.

We rely on a variety of cloud-based tools to help us work more efficiently and effectively. For companies that rely on Office 365 and G Suite, more and more of our daily work is shifting to the cloud. The more complicated the tools, the more they rely on a fast and reliable connection to get things done quickly.

The speed of the Internet can make a difference when it comes to helping our customers solve problems as quickly as possible. Slow Internet speeds slow productivity, and that can cause problems for our employees, customers, and our business.

While many customers and businesses still rely on the phone to get the hard work done, innovative companies are trying to leverage connectivity to deliver better customer service than ever before. Streaming videos to a customer's phone during a home call is only possible if your business has a reliable connection.


This means that if you have six people sharing a connection, you only get 5 Mbps, but if you have more employees, it is even more limited (the connection could be 30 Mbps). The bandwidth is shared by all users at the same time, not just business employees.

Throw in a public Wi-Fi connection and suddenly your premium Internet connection doesn't seem that fast anymore. You may not know this in your head, but Some of the web-based software like DropBox throttles its own upload speed, so it doesn't affect your Internet browsing experience. This is a default function, although you can change it or jump to the settings and change the function.

If you don't have a fast Internet connection, simple file sharing can stall your workflow. The effect is even greater if you have several employees who all work together, or even just one or two. Downloading and uploading files require a large portion of your bandwidth, and when they donate, they have the same bandwidth as the rest of their colleagues.

This is becoming increasingly evident as more and more companies connect with customers around the world. While video conferencing is no substitute for face-to-face time, it offers you much more than just hearing the voice on the other end of the line.

If you have ever tried desperately to turn a blind eye to a waiter in a restaurant and finally ask him to bring you a cheque, you know that customers do not want to wait to pay for something they have chosen. If you have a meeting that requires multiple team members to be present, you need to think not only about how you can provide them with the connectivity they need but also where they can be present.

Increasing upload speeds reduce the processing time of IP terminals to just 3 seconds, compared to the current average of 10 seconds for a typical IP terminal. This adds up to seconds over the course of a month, which can translate into valuable time for your team and customers.


1. Customers Go Down the Street for Faster WiFi

2. Your Apps Work Slower Than They Need To

3. Slow Internet is Hurting Your Customer Service

4. More People Working Means Slower Speeds for Everyone

5. Your File Sharing Doesn’t Work Fast

6. Video Conferences Lag

7. You Process Payments Slowly

How to Find Fast Business Internet?

We have talked about it many times, but you have to offer fast and free wifi for your business, and that is more than a bonus. Internet providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, etc. are the gold standard.


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