Why Is My Office Internet So Slow?

Why Is My Office Internet So Slow?

2020-10-24 05:38:54

You know all too well just how irritating it can be if you've ever tried to download a file or navigate a website using a sluggish internet connection.

Most individuals encounter slow internet either at home or by using public hotspots, but the good news is, you can take measures to boost or solve the problem. In reality, sometimes a few simple tweaks are all you need, and you'll be good to go.

So if you've found yourself wondering why my internet is so slow, you're at the right place-we're going to describe what constitutes a slow and quick link, go through some of the common explanations why the internet is slow, as well as ways to speed it up.

What is "Fast" and what is "Slow" when addressing Internet speeds?

Before we can address the question "why is my internet slow," we must first determine what today's expectations mean by "slow" or "fast" internet connections.

As you can imagine, several variables, such as the country in which you live, your internet service provider, and the package you select, decide the average estimated speed of an internet connection.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has established in the United States that internet speeds of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads are considered broadband internet, which is a widely agreed 'fast' internet baseline.

So, on the slower side, something below these speeds is going to be considered, although you can also get reasonable results from non-broadband plans.

Many plans that surpass the broadband threshold can be found on the upper hand-some plans that deliver up to 1-2 Gbps downloads-offering rates tens of times higher than standard broadband internet.

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

What factors affect your Internet speed?

The speed of your link can be affected by several factors and can be the answer to the question of why the internet is so sluggish today.

The hardware that you have available plays an important role in your internet speed, as stated previously. Your router could be old, but if your Internet is usually slower, by switching to a direct Ethernet link, you might achieve a speed boost.

You might need to set up several routers to achieve excellent speeds in all rooms and floors if you live in a large house. Alternatively, a more efficient router with a wider reach and a better signal through walls could be invested in.

Often, viruses and malware running in the background of your devices can slow down your internet connection, so make sure to maintain an up-to-date antivirus and run daily scans. Finally, you might slow down your connection yourself by keeping background apps running when you don't need them, even though your machine is clean.

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Reasons for Your Internet to be Sluggish

So, why is it so slow on the internet?

There are several explanations why an Internet connection could be weak, but before you can find the problem, you might need to check a few different possibilities.

Often, behind a sluggish link, there are objective reasons-if you are surfing during busy hours, because of other users, you might have a reduced link. Your own devices may be at fault in other instances. In the meantime, smart TVs, tablets, and different applications use the internet, which could cause slower speeds.

The incorrect configuration of the router and its settings may be another common explanation for this.

Occasionally, the router just needs a restart, a software upgrade, or even a more efficient or newer model replacement. The routers that were perfect ten years ago are struggling to provide decent speeds today, so all you need might be an easy move to a new router.

If your internet provider and plan have not changed in a while, it could be that you are still using obsolete technologies such as DSL, which greatly reduces the speeds you can reach. And if you ask, "Right now, why is my internet so sluggish," your provider may be at fault. Some providers limit how much data can be transmitted by one user, and then throttle the bandwidth after exceeding the limit.

In certain cases, usability is the reason behind a sluggish connection. You could be too far to experience fast speeds if you live in a large home and have the router installed far away from where you currently are.

When it's time to make a change to fix the speed of the Internet

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions and are still asking, "why is my internet so sluggish on my phone or device," it might be time to think that you need to search for a new provider or renegotiate your contract at least.

A provider just a few years ago that was the right option may fall behind the competition or fail to upgrade their technology.

The good news is that in most places around the U.S., all price points and service plans have a wide variety of suppliers. And you could find that your provider might renegotiate your plan with other, quicker, more affordable alternatives.

Consider opting for fiber optic cable internet, wireless broadband, or similar technologies if you end up making the move since this will give you the best opportunity to get fast and reliable service and help you avoid having to switch plans again in the near future.

How to speed up the Internet without the provider switching

If you've found that the internet has been running slow for a couple of days, it might mean that your router doesn't work properly and needs a reset. It can make all the difference by enabling it to reconfigure and reconnect to your ISP, which is one of the first items that technical support representatives suggest.

You would eventually need to upgrade it when dealing with an older router, but if you need fast internet right now, you could just plug in the Ethernet cable and tap directly into the link of the ISP.

Don't forget to conduct daily virus and malware scans of your machine-you may find that you have malicious software running in the background that uses your resources.

Finally, go through the list of programs that you are currently running and close any unused windows, as it can often be all it takes to smoothly run your internet again.

The Difference

It can be very frustrating to have a poor internet connection, but fortunately, there's almost always a solution.

If after reading this article you feel uncertain about how to fix your issue and are always asking "why is my internet so sluggish at work," it may be time to meet with professionals. We have years of experience delivering business internet solutions at InternetForBusiness.Net and can help you find the right choice for your organization.

Call us at (844) 273-0711 to talk with one of our team to learn more about how we can help.

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