Why is Digital Transformation and Automation is Important to your Business?

Why is Digital Transformation and Automation is Important to your Business?

2021-06-11 21:10:01

Remember the date of February 2020 because it was then that the world finally agreed that the only way to live was to embrace technology wholeheartedly. Collaboration for developing and delivering the COVID19 vaccine, or for family time, or to safeguard your business's long-term viability. Technology serves as the engine and changes in attitude and conduct serve as the drivers of innovative culture. These are the steps you can take right now to get started, as well as the advantages of automating your IT services with technology.

Every poll reveals that digital transformation is a must-have for all businesses, regardless of size or scale. But what exactly does "digital transformation" imply?

  • Digital: Referring to or describing a device that can generate, record, process, receive, send, or display discrete numerical information over a network of devices.

  • Transformation: A significant change, usually for the better, in appearance, conduct, character, or method of doing something.

Have you migrated your employees to video calling or your applications to the cloud? Fantastic! However, neither of these are digital transformations unless you can show that the impact is a better, safer method of working that also meets client needs.

Actions to Automation

The first step is for leadership to adopt a holistic picture of what they want to do, why they want to accomplish it, how they will know, and what needs to happen in order for the vision to become a reality. Every business process is laid out as a series of tasks, with each step evaluated for effort, time, quality, and value.

To extract the various possibilities and enable staff to begin working differently, this amount of data necessitates the use of IT automation solutions. The cloud can help by functioning as a low-cost sandbox where you may experiment with different technologies and process improvements to confirm the desired outcomes.

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IT automation possibilities:

  • Keep track of the time and quality of work along the value chain.

  • Issues will be alerted, allowing teams to swarm solutions.

  • Gather feedback and communicate it to teams to help them make product and service decisions such as new, pivot, or stop.

  • Communication with leadership for guidance and assistance

  • Tasks that are manual and repetitive tasks are removed.

  • Obtaining information about consumer issues and demand

Leaving IT process automation to IT is a waste of time. You can only fully derive the transformation required to execute digitally when business processes are improved by technology. Service desks, for example, are often reactive, which irritates customers who may switch to a new service with a few clicks. What if the Service Desk could send a message to customers advising them of potential weather-related delays, or ask for their feedback on suggested service improvements by adding them to the design sandpit? The Service Desk is now seen as the company's face, encouraging client acquisition and retention. If the procedures were not interconnected and automated, this would be impossible.

What steps should you take to start automating IT processes?

We recommend that you ask the following questions:

  • What data do you require, where is it generated, what resources are necessary, when do you need to respond, what are your needs for continuity, security, and compliance?

  • How long does each action take, and what do we need to make sure it's done properly?

  • And, of course, there's the age-old question: What if? What if we employed artificial intelligence to sort through the data and allowed the process to run without human intervention based on criteria?

  • How do we go about doing things nowadays?

  • What issues do we perceive, and where have we yet to give a reasonable solution?


Your workers have been encouraged to adapt their procedures as needed as part of the digital transition to guarantee that normal operations run smoothly. But, what about future expansion? Can your company leverage the information generated by IT automation to quickly change its business model? Customers, for example, want to buy pizzas from a list of ingredients rather than a menu, and if you have a warehouse, what data do you use to manage inventory (costs) at the proper level?

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Consider how the Postal Service is digitizing stamps. Furthermore, online signatures are now legal, saving contract processing time. By automating activities and bringing them to the digital economy, businesses dream of new services that grab global customers or benefit local communities on a daily basis.

When processes are aligned across the organization and data-driven decisions can be scaled, you know you're on your path to digital transformation.

You must be able to take your company to the customer. A US online bank, for example, collaborates closely with clients to build the future: innovative ways of lending money, paying for services, and acquiring insurance are contemporary instances of future thinking that require minimal human contact.

Human and machine adaptivity is aided by IT process automation. As a result, employees who used to do manual labor have been retrained to build and maintain digital services. While some IT automation can save human costs, most businesses find that the expertise lost isn't always worth the financial gain. Because your employees are aware of what is going on, digital leaders should allow them to take advantage of process automation strategies.

Pointers for Streamlining IT Processes

  • Take advantage of your vendor's expertise. Make the cloud your ultimate technology playground and destination.

  • Make certain that automating any business process does not jeopardize continuity, compliance, security, or safety.

  • Improve everyone's technical, cognitive, and problem-solving skills, as well as the tools they utilize.

  • Visualize your operations with value stream mapping.

  • Automate repetitive and laborious activities

  • Build new engagement techniques using automation to break down organizational walls.

Final Thoughts

By 2022, 60 percent of global GDP will be digitized, and the new value will only be created when digital platforms enable it.

Digital transformation isn't just a fancy set of tools; it's a set of processes that are intelligently automated to provide results for your employees, customers, and communities.

Any value chain will benefit from IT process automation, but if implemented incorrectly, it can render a company obsolete in minutes. Take a look at the recent news reports about data breaches and service failures that have enraged customers. You don't want to be a part of one of these stories! Work with your vendors to equip your company with the knowledge it needs to succeed as a digital enterprise.

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