ViaSat (Exede) Internet Price and Plans: The cost per month

ViaSat (Exede) Internet Price and Plans: The cost per month

2021-05-13 20:49:03

If you need internet for your business but there aren’t of rural internet options in you location, We recommend Viasat. But how much Viasat Internet price month?

Viasat's pricing begins at $50 a month and increases to $70 after three months. The monthly fee is normally between $50 and $150. The monthly cost of Viasat satellite internet services varies depending on where you live in the world, which package best suits your needs, and any extras or bundles you choose to add to your contract.

Plans normally range from $30 to $130 a month, with prices within the first three months. In different parts of the country, different packages and benefits are available.

Plans and Prices for Viasat Satellite Internet

Get Unlimited Satellite Plans— Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plans—offer unlimited data in some areas for a monthly fee ranging from $50 to $100 for the first three months and $70 to $150 per month after that.

The Liberty Plans - vary in price from $40 to $75 a month at first, then $50 to $100 per month later, and include the Liberty Pass, which allows users to access the internet at a slower speed if their data limit is exceeded. A Video Data Extender is included with most Liberty plans, which is suitable for online streaming. The Liberty 12 plan also provides a regular Free Zone that is ideal for massive downloads.

Classic Plans - which usually range from $50 to $130 a month and include a Free Zone, are accessible for others. Add-ons for DirectTV or phone service cost $29.99 a month each, with EasyCare customer service costing an extra $5.99 each month.

With Viasat Satellite Internet Plans, you can save money by bundling TV and phone.
Viasat provides excellent value in rural internet coverage, but there are additional ways to save money on your Viasat satellite internet plan.

To save $10 a month for the first six months, bundle Viasat internet and home phone service. For a 12-month discount, bundle DIRECTV service with a Viasat internet plan. Better still, for an extra $55 a month during the promotional period, package internet, phone, and TV.

With Viasat Internet Plans, you can get the speed you need for your company.


ViaSat for Business Internet

Exede for Business provides monthly plans varying from 20GB to 200GB for $99.99 to $499.99 a month, plus $10 for each additional GB; these prices include recurring equipment renting.

Exede Redundancy

Exede Redundancy has a great backup option, with 1GB of storage for $59.99 per month and extra storage for $15 per GB.

Satellite internet greatly outweighs the advantages of cable and DSL in rural areas, providing easy and reliable high-quality connections.

Viasat provides a range of affordable plans at reasonable rates, so rural internet doesn't have to be sluggish or costly.

While using a convenient chat window, find out what your Viasat satellite internet pricing choices are. Simply enter your email address and ZIP code, and a live representative will assist you in determining the best satellite internet service for you. If you'd rather talk with a live person, send us a call to learn more about Viasat's unrestricted satellite internet plans or the Liberty and Classic internet plans.

Don't squander your money! With Viasat Internet Plans, you can get unlimited data.

The future of rural internet is unlimited data plans, and Viasat satellite internet is leading the way. In rural communities, satellite internet service is usually the most cost-effective and reliable alternative with a consistent monthly bill.

The Viasat Gold 30 and Viasat Gold 50 are intended for homes with a large number of connected devices. These packages are common among modern rural families who value streaming video and music. Although these satellite internet plans provide unlimited data, you should carefully consider your internet needs, especially your video viewing habits, because once you exceed your monthly data usage threshold, Viasat will prioritize your data behind other customers.

If you discover that you should have selected a different satellite internet package, there is an easy solution: you can upgrade your internet service via your Viasat account portal, and the improved service will be accessible in just a few minutes!

2-Year Price Lock Guarantee for Viasat Internet

Viasat provides dependable high-speed internet in rural areas where fiber, cable, and even DSL have failed. Viasat's dedication to delivering high-speed satellite internet in remote locations comes with stable pricing—all Viasat satellite internet plans are guaranteed for two years.

Viasat internet plans usually begin with a three-month free trial period. The regular non-promotional internet package rates take effect after the introductory pricing period expires. Except for taxes and surcharges, Viasat internet service has a fixed price. Enjoy your browsing and avoid the unexpected costs of the internet!

Save on your Month Cost

Video streaming is all the latest craze, but if you live in the country and want to watch unlimited movies and TV shows without having to pay for an expensive satellite internet bundle, bundling Viasat satellite internet and DIRECTV might be the way to go.

Why not purchase a simple satellite internet plan from Viasat if you just use the internet to check email and look up information? Begin with a Viasat high-speed internet plan, such as the Liberty Plan, and then add a DIRECTV package that includes the shows you want to watch.

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