5 Best Small Business Internet Service Providers

5 Best Small Business Internet Service Providers

2023-11-24 23:28:29

The following Internet Service Providers are not listed in any particular order, but we have ranked these five companies as worthwhile due to some key factors such as speed, reliability, cost, and overall customer satisfaction.

Frontier Business


If you are a retailer, have a few employees, or rely on Internet services to run a brick-and-mortar business, Frontier's low speeds are right for you. Although Frontier offers a wide range of high-speed plans, such as 4G LTE, the package prices are often the lowest you are likely to find.

At the lower end of the price range, they offer unlimited voice and data connections and unlimited data for business customers. The same add-ons, Business Max and Voice, deliver the same high speeds as Frontier's business plans, but at lower prices.
Business owners who want to pay for super-fast speeds can choose from three dedicated internet service packages offered to them for their business.

Pro: Reasonably priced bundles.

Con: Low internet speeds.


AT&T Business


AT&T offers business customers unlimited voice and data connections and unlimited data, ranging from $993 a month to $1,770 a month. The contract period is 24 to 36 months, with a maximum term of two years and a minimum of $5,000 per year.

For those who don't want to fork out $1,000 for the Internet, AT&T also offers a cheaper option. For $60 to $100 a month, users get 50 to 100 GB of data with a 4G LTE radio. Take a look at AT&T Wireless Internet products, but note that the availability and price of these offers vary by location.

Pro: Super-fast internet speeds are available.

Con: High-speed plans can be pricey.


Comcast Business Internet


Comcast Business Internet serves 39 states across the country and stands out from others by offering the fastest service in the United States with speeds of up to 300 Mbps. In addition to the rapid speed plans, Comcast Business offers four business Internet levels ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps, as well as four business-to-business Internet levels.

Register for the Comcast Business Connection Pro feature and you will need to provide your company's address to receive the offer. This means you are automatically connected to 4G LTE backup when your connection fails.

Also, Comcast has a two-year contract and their early termination is hefty. Also, be aware that the high-speed plans may not be available everywhere and we could not find contact details on the company's website.

Pro: Super-fast download speeds.

Con: Large early cancellation fee.


Spectrum Business

spectrum business

Spectrum Business offers a bundle that starts at an incredibly affordable $44.99 per month. Prices for other download speeds are not readily available on the website, but you need not worry.
Perhaps the best thing about Spectrum Business's Internet service is that it is contractually binding and free of charge. If you commit for several years, you don't have to worry about possibly incurring an early cancellation fee. However, if you are growing fast and expect to need an upgrade, then you have a monthly fee to charge customers your monthly fees.

The frequency service is also available in 41 states, including Hawaii, but not all.

Pro: Affordable pricing and widely available.

Con: Mixed reviews on customer service.


Verizon Fios Business


Verizon Fios for Business offers download speeds from 75 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Verizon ranks among the top Internet service providers for businesses in the United States for a single reason: its high-speed broadband speeds.
However, these rates do not include fees or equipment costs and Prices range from $64.99 per month for the first year, then $69.99 per month for the second; up to $214.99 per month for the first year, then $224.99 per month for the second.

Verizon's contracts run for two years, and several phone and Internet packages are offered as an additional incentive to pay for prepaid broadband.
The service is limited to a handful of states on the East Coast

Pro: Great customer service and a reliable connection.

Con: Service is limited to a handful of states on the East Coast.


Business Internet Service Is Right for You?

Super-fast Internet is available, but high-speed plans can be expensive, and they are not available in all parts of the country.
First and foremost, the Internet Service Provider that works best for your business is the provider that serves your environment.

Note that these providers offer and rates also vary by location, so it is possible that only one or two of the five marquee providers listed here will offer you the best service for your business in your area.

In addition to the above five, it might also be worthwhile to target a regional Internet Service Provider for your business.
If you are wary of taking out a long-term contract, be sure to find a provider that offers a monthly deal and does not ask for early termination. Your business should expand as fast and as fast as possible, so the last thing you need to worry about is whether your Internet connection can sustain your growth.

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