Things You Need to Know About Cox Business Internet

Things  You Need to Know About Cox Business Internet

2021-09-03 22:35:33

In the event that you have as of late went into business, at that point you may be thinking about buying dependable service for it. Reasonable and cheap services like Cox Business Internet can allow you to deal with the entirety of your tasks timely and effectively. However, before picking any business internet plan, it is imperative to think about their sorts and highlights. This can allow you to settle on an educated decision and spare extra expenses.

This guide will talk about all the Cox business plans and their advantages in detail.

About Cox Internet

Cox is one of the top cable service companies in the USA. It launched its service in 1962. Furthermore, it has been giving crisp phones, TV, and Internet services from that point forward. It presently covers nearly 19 states including Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina.

It delivers its service through an entirely reliable cable and fiber-optic network infrastructure. Thus, its services are exceptionally solid and effective. It likewise offers extremely constructive Cox business support to facilitate its business clients. Thus, it is a phenomenal decision for individuals who need to appreciate reliable services while staying on budget.

Cox Communications Business

This provider offers a few astounding services to its business clients. By picking any of the Cox cable business plans, the clients will have the option to enjoy HD TV channels, fast downloads, and transfer speeds, and unlimited nationwide calls.

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Another extraordinary thing about this provider’s services is that they accompany a few incredible advantages. In this way, you'll have the option to enjoy 24/7 customer support and free equipment by choosing its services. Likewise, since there are several plans. Along these lines, you can easily choose one according to your needs.

Cox Business Internet

The Internet service is the best cable and fiber optic service offered by this provider. Regardless of what sort of bundle you pick, you are ensured to get exceptional speeds. Likewise, since this provider’s technology is quite service outage issues are few and far between. So, you can easily manage your business tasks the whole day long without any interruptions.

cox business internet

Cox Cable Business Features

Packages According to Your Needs

Sometimes, the packages offered by most of the ISP are not well-suited to diverse business needs. But this provider offers a range of packages. You can also bundle several services. This can allow you to enjoy different services while staying on budget. So, if you are looking for reliable VoIP services for your business, this provider’s packages are ideal for you.

Static IP

The biggest concern of remote workers is to manage security. This provider allows remote workers to manage security by providing a static IP address. So, you and your employees can easily access private websites without the fear of a security breach. You can also customize this according to your needs. So, opt for it as the packages include excellent tools to manage remote work effectively.

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Phone Plans

This provider offers reliable phone services to its business customers. Through these plans, you can enjoy crystal-clear calls with your clients the whole month long. All of these packages come with several advanced features as well. Some of them are speed dialing, caller ID display, and blocking extra. Just for $19/month, you can buy a reliable phone service for your business.

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Cable TV Plans

Let’s be honest; Besides managing your business operations, you need to keep your customers engaged as well. You can buy amazing TV packages at quite affordable prices for your customers. Amazing channels like CNN, CNBC, and BBC extra can be included in these packages.

However, you should note that the availability of these channels depends upon your location. No matter which package you subscribe to, you can enjoy HD streaming with them. The starting price of the TV packages is $25.99/month.

Cox Business Phone Number

You can easily subscribe to your favorite business Internet, TV, or phone plan by dialing the customer support number. The representative will guide you regarding the right package for you according to your business. You can also learn about security and other features of the Internet service by dialing this number.

Reliable Equipment

Probably the best part about this provider’s Internet plans is that they come with a piece of reliable equipment. You can easily choose a plan. And after that, you’ll get a gateway from the provider. So, you won’t need to purchase your own modem and router. This will allow you to stay on budget.

Another great feature of Cox communications business Internet plans is that you won’t need to install upgrades. The ISP will install upgrades for your gateway on its own. So, you can fully focus on your business operations and strategies without worrying about technology. With such reliable technology, your employees can easily focus on the task at hand. This will also boost their productivity and keep them engaged.

Better Protection

The biggest concern of every business owner is data safety. This provider even promises to facilitate its customers in this respect. By choosing any Internet plan, this provider will offer a FREE security suite for your business.

This security suite includes powerful antivirus. This, in turn, will guard your system against harmful viruses and malicious attacks. The very powerful online backup will ensure that your data remains safe at all times. Its Internet services are also password protected. So, no one will be able to monitor your online activities.

So, if you have a small business, this provider’s Internet plans are ideal for you. This is because you won’t need to pay extra charges for security. In case of a security breach, you can dial the Cox business phone number and make your data protected again.

Reliable Cox Business Support

Nobody can manage all business operations on his/her own. But this provider’s customer service can help you to tackle all the difficulties in your business easily. Whether you want to get advice related to the security or the right speeds, you can learn about everything through business support. The best part about this support is that it is available 24/7. So, you can contact this ISP at any time you want.

Reliable Services

This provider realizes the importance of a smooth Internet connection for business. Several important business operations depend on a reliable and fast connection. So, it guarantees to provide smooth download and upload speeds at all times. In case of an outage issue, you can immediately seek customer support to get an issue resolved.

Super-Fast Speeds

By choosing any Internet plan, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing download and upload speeds. Due to the Coronavirus situation, everyone is supposed to work from home. During these stressful and unpredictable times, this provider’s packages can help you to manage remote working easily. You can easily manage audio and video-calls with your team members and clients in high quality.

Cox Business Internet Pricing

Cox offers a scope of Internet plans to its customers. Along these lines, If you have a small business, you can pick a lighter bundle. Furthermore, in the event that you need super-fast speeds consistently, you can go for a heavier bundle. Regardless of which sort of plan you pick, you'll have the option to appreciate a few incredible advantages also.

Internet Plan


Download Speeds (in Mbps)

Business Internet 10 $90 10
Business Internet 25 $105 25
Business Internet 50 $130 50
Business Internet 100 $165 100
Business Internet 200 $215 200
Business Internet 300 $270 300
Business Internet 500 $360 500
Business Internet 1000 $515 1000

Getting Cox Business Internet is simple.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs

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