These Sales Perks Help You Win Customers? Must Try!

These Sales Perks Help You Win Customers? Must Try!

2021-09-07 00:14:03

Commerce is a competitive enterprise, whether conducted online or on the High Street. While your company may have a unique selling proposition, there are probably a million others vying for your client's attention. Getting seen and distinguishing out in this crowd is difficult, and it's tempting to take the sales incentive approach. You entice the buyer with an enticing initial offer, similar to how a kitten is pulled to bright, attractive light. Given that a third of all 18–24-year-old consumers in the United Kingdom expect a perk from a business, it's worth thinking about whether this is something you should be doing.

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Here, we'll look at some of the sales advantages that companies have utilized to entice customers to buy. However, we also explode.


On the other hand, providing all clients with an extended term of free subscriptions is costly.

A more cost-effective strategy may be to give 1000 clients the chance to “win” a free subscription in exchange for their email addresses. While you don't get the payment information, you get a lot of leads for a minimal investment.


Another clear sales benefit is lowering the price. You provide customers the option to buy at a reduced price and try out the goods or services before paying full price. The issue with deep discounts is that they devalue your goods and the regard in which it is held. It also shows to the customer a portion of your mark-up.

Discounts, on the other hand, create a stir, especially online. As a result, any discount you lose will be made up to consumers.

Free stuff

People are enthralled by the prospect of receiving something for nothing. Honda used to give away a free umbrella and a tin of candies to new car purchasers. The notion that the customer is cherished comes from the feeling of obtaining something for nothing. It does not need to be a grand gesture. You may, for example, give away complimentary keychains or a fridge magnet, or provide money off your next purchase. The goal is to strike a deal with the consumer, giving them the impression that they are receiving good value while not overburdening your company.
Months of free membership

When you initially sign up for a subscription service, such as Netflix or Apple TV, you can get a free month of service. Apple TV gave existing Apple customers a year of free television in exchange for agreeing to a rolling billing after that period. The method is simple: you sign up for the complimentary subscription, upload your payment information at the same time, and hope that you will appreciate the service so much that you will not cancel. Alternatively, for a period of time, you will not see the monthly subscription leaving your account.


Customers can also be enticed by offering cashback when they spend a certain amount. The goal is to convince the customer to spend more because they believe they are receiving a better value. You can also partner with credit cards and high-street banks to give customers money back when they shop with you.

Switching shouldn't be difficult

It's likely that you'll get a customer or client at the expense of another company. Take, for example, mobile phone contracts. Your new customer may be required to pay an early termination fee if they switch to your tariffs.

If you're a company that gives out quotes to potential new clients, you might achieve a similar impact by promising to match lower prices with a higher level of service. Be careful that matching the offer will only be valuable to the customer if they see that by picking you, they are getting better value for their money.

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