Best Internet Service Provider For Business

Best Internet Service Provider For Business

2023-11-24 22:48:55

We comb through about 1.6 million speed test results from January to December 2020 to find the fastest internet service provider in the US. The data showed that Google Fiber is the top dog when it comes to having the fastest internet speed. Below is the list of the fastest internet providers of 2021:

1. Google Fiber
2. Verizon Fios Home Internet
3. Elevate Internet
5. endeavor Communications

We tested and compared download speeds, upload speeds, and latency for more than 35 internet providers with 50 or more speed test results in order to find the fastest internet providers. For each internet provider, we then used these metrics to build a weighted ranking. (Note: that the score is not an actual representation of download or upload speeds.)

Why will we get all these numbers crunched? Well, everyone loves the fast internet, and even when their real speeds are slow, nobody wants to pay for fast download speeds. And it is half of the fight to know which internet providers offer the speeds they promise.

In addition to fueling your zippy web searches and blowing the buffering icon out of the water, these internet service providers (ISPs) will also give you a whole lotta bang for your buck.

The fastest-growing internet service providers

By concentrating on the fastest large internet providers, we're beginning this list, and you may wonder why. That's because larger suppliers are likely to have an ace up their sleeve: they are more commonly available in the US and they can provide better offers often.

Let's face it, internet connectivity in the US also leaves a great deal to be desired.

But chances are in your area, one of these large ISPs is open. And if you happen to have an option, we suggest you go with Google Fiber or Verizon Fios Home Internet if you have a couple of these providers.

1. Google Fiber

Every time when it comes to Internet speed, Google Fiber throws the gauntlet down. Its punchy download speeds are highly recommended by anyone fortunate enough to live in a Google Fiber area, so it scored 75.6 out of 100, which is why we're not surprised.

That takes us to the downside: Google Fiber stalled its expansion across the US and then stopped it. About why? You may thank local telecom service providers who have pulled out all the stops in the cities where they work to delay or obstruct the development of Google Fiber.1 (Read: Competition? We don't want it Not to mention the sky-high cost of constructing internet fiber networks.

For anyone living in 19 cities where Google Fiber is available, you can assure you that you can get that amazing internet speed.

2. Verizon Fios Home Internet

Living in the southern or northeastern US? Then, chances are, you can get your hands on the high-performance Verizon Fios Home Internet.

For its consistently fast download and upload rates, plus low latency, Verizon's fiber Internet scored 65.1 out of 100. And we've heard nothing but positive things from friends fortunate enough about its customer service and results to get Verizon Fios Home Internet in their city.

The good thing about it is you can bundle your Internet with the TV they offer the best mix of TV and Internet

3. RCN

The Northeast is home to another heavy hitter when it comes to internet speed: with a score of 47.4 out of 100, RCN comes in seventh. Ok don't worry, we still feel that RCN is only accessible in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

But RCN is worth checking out if you call one of these broad northeastern towns home, and not just for its fast internet speeds. The plans come with no deal, and for 12 months, the low price is locked in.

4. Comcast Xfinity

For its customer support, Xfinity receives a lot of flak, but this national ISP also links its customers to faster Internet speeds. Xfinity, also known as Comcast by some of us its parent company), scored a score of 46.6 out of 100, just below RCN.

And while the customer service of Xfinity is fairly parred for the course when it comes to internet service, it does up the ante and makes several other suppliers struggle to keep up. It provides one of the broadest internet planning options, some of the most affordable rates, and one of the largest, if not the largest, coverage areas in the United States.

5. Grande Communications

They say they don't mess with Texas, and they say Grande doesn't mess with the internet speeds it provides to Lone Star State residents. This internet cable company ranked 42.9 out of 100, placing it at the same level as more well-known suppliers such as Xfinity and RCN.

Grande also provides some very low rates for snappy speeds to its clients, including no contracts and limitless data. That's about all we might ever want from an ISP

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