The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Small Businesses

2021-10-14 22:26:39

Any logistics company must have a fleet tracking system in place. You must always be aware of where your vehicles are, similar to asset tracking. But there's more to it than that. When it comes to deliveries, for example, fleet tracking allows you to provide real-time location details, accurate delivery estimates, and much more to your consumers.

Tracking may help even small firms, owing to modern technology like IIoT and connected solutions. It doesn't matter if you have a small or huge fleet; the issues are the same. Implementing smart fleet tracking can provide the same benefits.

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Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Small Businesses

It's essential to have a real-time tracking solution in place, regardless of the size of the fleet or the company. You can track where drivers and trucks are, as well as the goods they're transporting, and establish accurate delivery estimates down to the minute.

There are, of course, numerous other advantages to using technology.

Customer Service Processes That Work

Building consumer trust is essential to keeping your business afloat since the more they trust you, the more ready they are to support and spend on your services.

Customers will be able to receive precise delivery estimates and much more thanks to real-time location tracking. You may provide them direct access to a tracking, allowing them to keep track of their orders and deliveries from the minute they leave the fulfillment center or store.

Returns and backorders can also be streamlined with the technology.

Location and fleet tracking in real time

Actual data allows for greater transparency, which can disclose a wealth of hidden information. The path that a truck follows, for example, is important to know in order to optimize delivery and transit times.

Finding vehicles at a moment's notice also entails tracking down the items and packages they're transporting. This keeps clients informed about the status of their products and improves your services by helping you to forecast processing timelines.

You can know exactly when a supply pickup is scheduled to arrive if you're waiting for it. Any delays experienced by those vehicles will automatically generate notifications, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Operations that are more efficient

Nobody can forecast the weather, traffic, or human-caused calamities such as accidents, wildfires, or the current epidemic precisely. However, every business must be able to pivot at any time to address these issues, such as finding a new delivery or transportation route.

Furthermore, bottlenecks in the fulfillment and delivery processes may exist, which can be addressed with proper oversight.

Because of the increased transparency and insights provided by fleet tracking and real-time data, operations can be streamlined. Management can investigate what is slowing down an operation and eliminate bottlenecks and other roadblocks.

Improved Driver Protection

Improved tracking and awareness result in increased safety. You can observe where drivers are on the road, when they stop, how much sleep they get, and what road hazards they may encounter.

Operations can use this to help drivers, such as sending a second truck when one breaks down.

Solutions for Mobile Support

It's also feasible to establish remote operations assistance using real-time data and modern technologies, which your drivers can access via mobile devices. By integrating with your employee's mobile device, fleet tracking apps allow you to track travel speeds, location, routes, and much more.

This also allows you to communicate directly with all of your drivers, sharing updates and road information, issuing commands, and providing further roadside support.


Operations costs are increased by delays, unplanned events, inadequate optimization, and damaged or stolen items. Many of these issues can be eliminated or mitigated with fleet tracking, resulting in lower expenses.

Fuel costs, for example, can be cut in half with better tracking. You may utilize analytics tools to determine the best routes, enhance fuel efficiency, and find the cheapest gas stations in your area.

The same may be done by keeping an eye on driver conduct, as some tendencies can lead to increased waste and expenditures. Aggressive driving, for example, can consume more fuel. You'll be able to better communicate with drivers and train them to drive more safely and effectively.

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