Spectrum Business Internet 2023 Review

Spectrum Business Internet 2023 Review

2023-01-26 06:41:48

Although many people are cutting their cable television cords, cable internet is still going strong. Small-business owners may also benefit service cable from services like Spectrum, which allows them to operate their online operations at high speeds and at affordable prices.

Ranking The 5 Best Internet For Business Services For 2021

Spectrum Business Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet (100 Mbps)
$64.99 *
Up to 200/10 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

*Speed for fewer than 4 employees, heavy data transfers, backups, web hosting, and free tech services

Spectrum Internet (200 Mbps)
Up to 600/35 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

*Speed for fewer than 4 employees, heavy data transfers, backups, web hosting, and free tech services

Spectrum Internet Ultra
Up to 600/35 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

*Speed for fewer than 19 employees, heavy data transfers, backups, web hosting, and free tech services

Spectrum Internet Gig
Up to 940/35 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

*Speed 20+ employees, heavy data transfers, backups, web hosting, and free tech services

View Spectrum Business Internet Plans

Spectrum Business: Best for Businesses that want stellar TV packages

Spectrum has a number of tempting internet bundles available, some of which include Spectrum cable TV. Businesses that need to keep consumers amused as they wait, browse, or eat stand to benefit the most from these packages.

Spectrum's single cable internet plans aren't bad for other forms of businesses, either. This is because the plans are quick and inexpensive, with no data limits and a plethora of enticing technological features.

You can't do much better than Spectrum's $64.99 a month Spectrum Internet plan if you're looking for a low-cost internet alternative. Download speeds of up to 200/10 Mbps are available with this plan (wireless speeds may vary).

*What's the best part of all of these plans and packages? Each plan includes extra services and free technology bundles to help you get the most out of your internet connection.

If speed is more important to you, the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan is a good option. For $114.98 a month, you can get download speeds of up to 600 Mbps (depending on your location) and upload speeds of up to 35 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary). At those speeds, you'll be able to link more devices and download and upload large files with ease.

With Spectrum's bandwidth calculator, you can figure out how much internet speed you'll need for your company.

Broadband cable was first used to transmit television to audiences in the mid-twentieth century, but it wasn't until the 1990s that the system was repurposed for high-speed internet.   Since acquiring Time Warner Cable in 2016,2 Spectrum (a Charter Communications brand) has extended its broadband cable and other internet services throughout the United States.

We just told you what we like about Spectrum, and there are a lot of them. But what about those that aren't so great? Here's a summary of Spectrum Business Internet's pluses and minuses.

Things you need to consider.


Awesomely affordable high-speed plans
Truckloads of free tech upgrades
Special offers for bars and restaurants


Slow upload speeds
Gloomy customer service ratings
Fragmented fiber availability

While cable internet provides higher download speeds than many DSL rivals, Spectrum's cable upload speeds are disappointing. Spectrum advertises a maximum upload speed of 35 Mbps, but this is a maximum upload speed, not an average. That means your upload speeds can not be as fast as you think.

Large-file downloads and backups, VoIP operation, videoconferences, and running cloud-based applications all need high upload speeds to prevent interruptions. If your company requires these facilities, Spectrum's cable internet plans may be insufficient.

Spectrum's poor customer satisfaction scores, as stated by several organizations, should also be taken into consideration.

Finally, there are many aspects of Spectrum that you can like or hate, so think about your company preferences before making a decision.

Internet speeds and pricing

Spectrum has a basic suite of internet packages, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs. Download speeds on cable internet plans can reach 940 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary). Spectrum also provides fiber plans, but the specifics on fiber coverage are minimal, as we'll explain.

Cable internet plans

Spectrum cable comes in a variety of flavors, starting at 100 Mbps download speeds: Spectrum Internet 200, Ultra, and Gig. The upload speeds, as previously stated, are slow, but the download speeds are fast.

Spectrum Internet (200 Mbps)
Up to 200 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
10 Mbps

Spectrum Internet Ultra
Up to 600 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
35 Mbps

Spectrum Internet Gig
Up to 940 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)    
35 Mbps

Fiber internet plans

Spectrum is constructing a fiber-optic network throughout the United States, so one of these super-fast plans could be available in your region. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate specific plans and pricing information, but we were able to locate a list of Spectrum fiber coverage charts.

Bundles and packages

Bundles are common among Internet service providers, and not just for residential customers. They know that if they provide offers on several services, you'll be tempted to take advantage of the offer.

Spectrum's company packs, fortunately, are worth considering. These bundles combine relatively fast internet with long-distance texting, TV, or both.

Business TV & Internet Bundle
200 Mbps internet, TV with 50+ channels

Premier TV Bundle & Internet
200 Mbps internet, TV with 80+ channels

Business Triple Play with Live Streaming TV Essentials
200 Mbps internet, phone with unlimited local and long-distance service, 60+ live streaming channels

Extra useful and extra free

All of the equipment that Spectrum throws in for free is one of the bright spots of the internet services lens. You can also purchase a few paid services to fully customize your business's internet experience.

Here's a rundown on all the software enhancements Spectrum has to offer, from cloud backups to web hosting.

Free services

Cap-free data usage
Use data without limits on your business internet plan

Cloud backup
Get 100 GB free to back up your vital business data

Assign 25 custom email addresses with your own domain name

Internet security
Protect your business from viruses, spyware, spam, and more with Spectrum’s unique Internet Security Solution

Lease a cable modem for free on plans up to 300 Mbps

Encourage customers to stick around by connecting to a unique Wi-Fi network

Web hosting and domain name
Create and host a professional website, including a unique domain name and 5 GB of web storage

Paid services

Private business Wi-Fi
Connect any employee or device to a secure and private Wi-Fi network; contact Spectrum for pricing

Static IP address
Make it easier to host your own servers, VPNs, and more with unchanging IPs; $14.99/mo.

Fees, Contracts, and Equipment

Make sure you understand any expenses and other information beyond the sticker price before signing up with any provider. Following that, we'll look at Spectrum's fees, contracts, and facilities.

Spectrum's cable internet service has a one-time activation fee of $99, which is less than other rivals we've looked at. There was no detail on potential termination payments that we could find.

There are some contract-free solutions available in Spectrum Business class. AT&T is the only other business ISP we looked at that provides no-contract business internet, but only for fiber plans.

Furthermore, Spectrum will buy out the existing provider's contract for up to $500, making the move even easier.

You can also try Spectrum business internet for 30 days. If you're not happy, simply contact Spectrum before the 30-day period expires, return your equipment, and you'll get a refund for the plan fees. The $99 installation charge is not included in the refund. ( See spectrum self install )

Spectrum, unlike many other business internet service providers, can provide you with a free cable modem. This may compensate for the fact that you are not permitted to use your own modem or television equipment, even though you are taking advantage of the limited-time offer.


Spectrum is an inexpensive and quick choice for your small business unless low customer satisfaction scores are a deal-breaker.

Customer reviews that aren't up to par are something to consider before signing up the company for Spectrum internet. However, since these plans have contract-free options, you will be able to cancel under Spectrum's terms and conditions if you have serious problems. There are also a plethora of other excellent ISP options available.

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