Why Creating Killer E-Commerce Product Pages is Very Important?

Why Creating Killer E-Commerce Product Pages is Very Important?

2021-08-10 22:07:38

The value of optimizing your eCommerce site's product pages for conversion cannot be overstated. After all, product pages are the only chance you have to convince your leads to set their suspicions aside and become your customers.

All of your time and resources spent bringing your lead to this point – the point where they must make a decision – will be for naught if you can't persuade them to make the best decision possible.

Product pages are an extremely effective tool in the arsenal of any shop owner. However, they, like all weapons, must be used correctly in order to be as successful as possible.

Let's see what other eCommerce sites are doing to make the most of their product pages.

Utilize the Unique Selling Points

Put yourself in the shoes of an online shopper for a moment. You've got a credit card and live in a country where shipping isn't a problem. The worldwide web is your oyster. There are plenty of choices available for you.

Consider what you'd like to see on a product page to help you decide between two options. If you're like me and many other discerning shoppers, you'll want to know what makes this product stand out from the competition.

These distinct selling points may be so compelling – so persuasive – that they may even halt the comparison process and lead to an impulse purchase.

To get the most out of your product pages, you need to put a lot of emphasis on what makes your products special. Make sure the information you provide is relevant and trustworthy. Your leads aren't interested in abstract promises or marketing language at this stage in their journey.

Add Videos in Your Product Gallery

Text and imagery fail to involve site visitors in the same way that video does. A video is an extremely powerful way to showcase a product because it combines audio, text, and moving images.

It wasn't just a matter of common sense that prompted me to write this. There is some evidence to support the connection between product videos and higher conversion rates.

Here are some statistics for you to consider.

  • After watching a product video, leads are 64 percent to 85 percent more likely to make a purchase.

  • 69 percent of your potential customers would rather watch a video than read a wall of text explaining your product.

  • The number of companies using videos has grown by 41 percent in the four years between 2017 and 2021.

  • A whopping 78 percent of companies surveyed said that video has directly increased revenue.

If you're on a budget and can't afford a professional videographer, there's plenty of online resources to help you improve your skills. Although I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that shooting and editing a product video is easy, it isn't impossible. You should have no trouble delivering material that is more than satisfactory with a little patience and hard work.

..video in product gallery

Generate and Manipulate Emotions

Making your product page stand out by evoking strong emotions in your site visitors is a great way to do so. Even if it doesn't result in a sale right away, the feelings the individual had while visiting your site are likely to have left an impression that they can't shake when they go to your competitors' websites.

It's important to note that we're not discussing extremely emotional sales terms here. There are far more powerful ways to elicit emotions from your audience than using clever, sales-oriented language.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful emotion to cultivate and use to increase sales. according to some case studies, countdown timers are so successful at inducing impulse purchases that they can double a website's revenue.

Provide Credible Social Evidence

People want to know that the products and brand are dependable. Credible social evidence is one of the most successful ways to do this.

A hugely important aspect of product page design is demonstrating to the leads that ordinary people just like them have purchased the product they're looking at and are extremely pleased with it.

It's really tempting for shop owners to only go through the motions while explaining social evidence because it's become such an integral part of eCommerce. This is a trap you must avoid at all costs. Consider customer feedback as a content segment on your product page that is just as relevant as any other on the computer.

If you're reading this post, chances are you're already aware that your product pages could use some work. However, here's something you may not realize: product pages can still be enhanced.

Final Thoughts

You'll never get to the point where they're fine, and that shouldn't be the target. Your aim should be to gradually develop them by conducting research on a regular basis. Reading articles like this one, making adjustments, running A/B tests, and tracking success is all part of the process.

Accept the fact that improving your conversion rate is a never-ending search. Embracing that your site will always change and having the dedication to actively seek progress is a big part of eCommerce success.

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