Is getting faster internet improve my Wi-Fi Speed for my business?

Is getting faster internet improve my Wi-Fi Speed for my business?

2021-02-12 19:01:10

Yeah, your business Wi-Fi speed can be increased by upgrading to a faster internet plan, but that's not always the only way to boost it. There are two potential bottlenecks if your Wi-Fi is slow: your internet service provider (ISP) or your router. Let's take a look at how each form of issue can be handled.

So what's my Wi-Fi Speed?

The first move is to find out how fast your Wi-Fi is compared with your internet plan's advertised speed. Set up your machine where you currently work and take an internet speed test to do this.

If your test result is slower than the speeds that your internet plan offers, consider using an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router. If your problem is solved by this, the problem is probably with your router. Fortunately, there are many ways of growing your router's pace.

It might be time to move to a faster plan if you're still having low speeds, or if the pace you're paying for just isn't enough.

How you can speed up your Wi-Fi router.

To speed up your Wi-Fi router, there are a few things you can do. The first thing to do is just turn it off and on again, which will also address your issues with Wi-Fi.

Trying to switch your router or your other Wi-Fi equipment is the next simplest thing to do. Thick walls or floors can block Wi-Fi signals, but shifting devices around so that they have the clearest line of sight to the router can maximize the signal quality. If a constant issue is a line of sight and dead zones, you can also set up a mesh router system to guarantee reliable Wi-Fi in your house.

To boost its performance, you can also change your router's settings. Many routers have apps that allow you to track the devices on your wireless network and control them. Check out our article on how to boost your Wi-Fi speed for more details.

It is also worth remembering that you would not be able to take advantage of the speed over Wi-Fi even though your router works well but is slower than the internet you are paying for. If this is the case, check out our list of the best Gigabit Internet routers to make sure you can use the speeds you pay for.

Fixing a slow connection

If the problem isn't your router, but you're still having lower speeds than you plan, your internet connection might be a problem. It's worth testing to see if this issue has a simple fix like one of these before you begin searching for a new ISP:

Power cycling your router
Moving your router
Avoiding peak hours

There are even more fixes involved that can increase your speed. For various reasons, various types of connections can slow down. To see if it's a problem that you can solve yourself, follow our troubleshooting guide.

Upgrading your internet connection

If there are issues with your internet connection, you can't repair yourself or it works correctly, but you still need more speed, it's probably time to upgrade.

Know that a faster internet doesn't necessarily mean spending more until you break open your piggy bank. Simply switching from a slower form of service to a faster one (such as switching from satellite to DSL or from cable to fiber) would also provide you with faster speeds and more reliable connections for the same price you previously paid.

Before making a decision, with our internet service provider search tool, be sure to check out all the ISPs in your region and see which ones give the speeds you want for the best value.

Make sure your router is able to keep up with your new connection.

Make sure your Wi-Fi router is at least as good as your current download speed if you are upgrading your Internet plan. This shouldn't be an issue if you got your router from your ISP. But if you purchased your own one, make sure it can keep up with the new speed of the link, or you'll be back at square one.

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