How Augmented Reality Can Help eCommerce Growth

How Augmented Reality Can Help eCommerce Growth

2021-10-25 21:43:50

Finding a mechanism for customers to interact with things before purchasing is one of the most difficult difficulties that e-commerce merchants have faced. Customers may abandon their carts due to the fact that most individuals want to try out products before making a purchase choice. However, through augmented reality, technical improvements have made a significant contribution to solving this problem (AR).

Simply described, augmented reality is a technology that places virtual things in real-time in the actual world to create a digital interface in the environment surrounding a person. To put it another way, augmented reality (AR) allows buyers to test virtual products in their real-life environment using computer-generated visuals on a screen to assess how well they fit into their lifestyles.

In eCommerce, augmented reality is clever, exciting, and practical, and it's the future that will never go away, only grow. Due to the practically real-life qualities of mobile e-commerce applications, eCommerce has become a benefit to the human population due to the tendency and want to purchase goods in your own comfort zone and reduce the inconvenience of visiting and exploring products.

According to a study, by 2024, 95% of all purchases would be made online. As a result, Augmented Reality in eCommerce app development has a huge potential to move your business forward and increase sales. People are very excited to see Augmented Reality in eCommerce and even want it to be a part of every niche due to the technical digitization of enterprises.

In a variety of businesses, augmented reality is really starting to take off. Let's look at some numbers to back that up:

  • More than 83 million individuals in the United States will use augmented reality on some form of gadget at least once a month, according to eMarketer, with that number expected to climb to 95.1 million by 2022.
  • Advertising income might reach $8 billion by the end of 2024, according to one AR research organization.
  • Global AR advertising revenue climbed to $1.41 billion in 2020, up from half a billion dollars in 2019.

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What e-commerce companies are doing with augmented reality

Before making a purchase, AR allows eCommerce shoppers to sample products or experience services in their own environment and on their own schedule. Customers can preview products using augmented reality, making them more likely to buy the proper product the first time. Here are some of the best features of a mobile e-commerce app that can help you increase your sales.

  • Solutions for virtual try-on

  • Get a real-time look at your placement by previewing it.

  • User manuals that are interactive

  • Catalogs that have been digitized

  • Filters for social media

  • Experience that is unique and personalized

Brands that have effectively implemented augmented reality in their online stores

So, how can you integrate augmented reality into your online store? And what aspects of mobile e-commerce apps can you make money from? Will the brand's eCommerce app development prove profitable and scalable? These brands have effectively accomplished all of this in a variety of ways.

  • Ikea employs augmented reality to let people shop for furniture at home.

  • Dulux Paint employs augmented reality to demonstrate paint hues on a customer's wall.

  • Interactive games are layered upon genuine toys by Lego Hidden Side and Bic Kids.

  • The Wannaby and Warby Parker applications allow customers to try on clothes at home.

Large manufacturing companies all over the world have already begun to adopt the technology. Their initial investments are paying off in spades, allowing them to surpass their competition by offering more engaging, connected, and visual sales experiences. Demand will rise in tandem with this trend. As a result, the next significant software categories will be focused on how new AR technologies are applied to certain domains.

Augmented Reality

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Types of AR

The use of augmented reality in eCommerce app development is getting increasingly profitable, and it is becoming increasingly important to keep ahead of the competition.

  • Location-based AR — A type of markerless AR that leverages a user's location to display digital content in specific locales, such as Pokemon Go.

  • Outlining AR — It simply draws a line around the object. If you're parking your car in the dark, for example, these AR outlines will illuminate the road lines so you can see them.

  • AR based on superimposition — It replaces an object or a portion of an object with an Augmented digital element. On the screen of your smartphone, the user can select the part to be augmented.

  • AR based on projection — This type of AR projects virtual 3D pictures of a product onto a real object, space, or surface.

  • Recognize an object in front of the camera and deliver relevant information about it using recognition-based AR.

  • AR that isn't activated by a specific object in the actual world is known as markerless AR. Instead, the user can drag and drop a virtual object anywhere they want it. The object can then be rotated and moved.


Because of the advanced features of mobile e-commerce applications, augmented reality may give a "Wow" effect to anything. Technology is infiltrating huge brands in order to keep them ahead of the competition, which is why it has become important for all types of organizations to adapt in order to stay competitive.

In eCommerce, augmented reality is also a fantastic approach to outperform the competition. If you want to stand out, your eCommerce firm should master a few tactics that include the use of augmented reality (AR) to improve engagement with both old and new clients.

Because it's so difficult to predict how things will seem in real life versus on a computer or smartphone screen, some product categories can be difficult to sell on eCommerce sites. That is why, especially with the advent of social separation, augmented reality applications have become increasingly popular.

If you want to understand more about eCommerce app development, engage a skilled and dedicated team with the knowledge and experience to help you build your business using disruptive technologies.

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