How Are Today's B2B Payments Automated?

How Are Today's B2B Payments Automated?

2021-09-21 23:03:45

Why and How Should You Automate B2B Payments?

Traditional payment methods such as checks and wire transfers have served us well enough for company transactions. We have thankfully moved on from such times, thanks to contemporary internet and mobile payment alternatives. Payment automation tools are available for processing B2B payments in a simple and instantaneous manner.

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Understanding the benefits of B2B payment is critical to automating transactions in ways that have never been done before. The main arguments for using B2B payment automation systems will be discussed in this article.

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Streamlined data entry helps businesses save money and time.

When an accounts clerk receives an invoice under the typical payment processing system, they simply enter the data into the appropriate accounting system. However, human data entry is prone to numerous data entry errors and other problems, such as erroneous like against duplicate invoices or invoices that have been misplaced. The majority of these errors occur because the accounting clerk finds all of these activities to be interminably tedious and tiresome.

Consider how a payment processing system can save a company a lot of money and effort by avoiding these time-consuming tasks. The most important thing to remember is that a single data entry error can cause a cascade of issues as the invoice passes through several systems. There isn't a single company that hasn't suffered the consequences of such mistakes. There can be too many errors, from processing duplicate invoices incorrectly to paying the wrong amount.

This is where payment automation technologies can be really useful. Character recognition technology can be used by payment automation software to enter B2B payment data directly from invoices into accounting software without the need for any administrative involvement. This eliminates any data entering errors as well as the processing of duplicate or incorrect invoices.

Automating Payments with No Friction

Automated payment systems provide a fundamental value proposition in the form of frictionless payment processing. Since the pandemic engulfed the world, wreaking havoc on daily life and businesses for months, check transfers around the world have plummeted, making automatic payment even more convenient. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) in the United States reported that ACH payments fell by 14 times between 2019 and 2020, while check payments fell by nearly half.

Making a payment using checks or a manual wire transfer is understandably painful for most individuals, especially during a pandemic when contamination is a genuine worry and so-called social separation is a real necessity. Electronic payments have grown in prominence like never before, and the epidemic has further accelerated this trend.

However, some businesses still prefer traditional payment methods such as paper checks. Is there a way to print physical cheques mechanically and mail them to the intended recipients without exposing them to human touch?

Improved Payment Processing Control

Increased stress levels in homes and workplaces are extremely common in such difficult times when businesses and public life are crushed by the pandemic. Some people simply worked longer than typical due to increasing demand for specific services, while too many others have been subjected to elevated stress levels due to a lack of engagement or a loss in income.

Reduced control over business activities and outcomes, according to studies, often leads to increased stress levels among professionals. Uncertainty over payment processing contributes to a rise in stress levels. This is where payment automation may make a big difference in terms of simplifying transactions and guaranteeing consistent business outcomes. Payment automation allows you to have more control over when and how transactions are executed.

Many bottlenecks that plague many sectors and brands can be eliminated by combining business process automation with streamlined transactions and payments. By providing optimum control and transparency over payment processing, B2B payment automation enables businesses to pass on early payment benefits to customers through appropriate discounts and offers.

Finally, payment automation allows businesses to choose their chosen payment methods and modes based on the customer and available time to fulfill the agreed payment deadline, making it much easier to review invoices and bills prior to processing. Simply said, faster and more simplified payment processing provides them with a level of flexibility that older methods could never match.

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