Having a Zoom Connection Problem during Business Meeting? Here's The Solutions

Having a Zoom Connection Problem during Business Meeting? Here's The Solutions

2020-12-15 01:02:27

If your Zoom sessions lag or freeze up often during a business meeting, you are having a Zoom Connection Problem. Your internet connection is the most probable suspect. It would be hard and stressful to participate in a meeting if your Internet speed is too slow or your Wi-Fi keeps dropping out.

How To Fix Zoom Connection Problem

But even if you have a relatively slow Internet speed, there are plenty of ways to achieve better efficiency.

fix Zoom Connection Problem

Close the other software
If you are on a slow internet connection, your Zoom connection can be slowed down by multitasking on other applications when Zoom is open. Close your inbox, web browser, and any other applications or windows that you might have opened to get your Zoom call back to normal.

Restart your router and modem
Restarting your modem and router is the fastest and simplest way to handle the sluggish internet at home. Unplug both devices from the wall, let them rest, then plug them back in for a minute or so. A quick reset eliminates possible glitches and programming cobwebs that can weigh your equipment down.

Using cellular data or a hotspot
Has the internet cut out for your home? Simply whip your cell phone out and log in with your mobile data to Zoom. Most mobile phones often have a built-in hotspot feature, so you can turn on your phone's hotspot to build Wi-Fi connectivity for your laptop or desktop computer if your cellular plan requires it.

Turn off "Enable HD" and "My appearance is touched"
The "Enable HD" and "Touch my appearance" features of Zoom both take extra speed and function data, so that by switching them off you can achieve better performance. (Don't worry, your colleagues will always assume that your appearance is excellent.)

To turn them off, press the short, upward-pointing arrow next to the Start Video button in the bottom left corner of your screen to go to the video settings menu. On both features, you can toggle off the check marks there.

Switch the wifi off on other devices
The more individuals who use your Wi-Fi connection, the more pressure it places on your Internet speed at home. If when you are in a Zoom meeting, your children or roommates stream video or play games on their computers, ask them to turn it off so that you can get a better link.

Bringing your computer closer to the router (or move your router to a better place in your house)
You could be in a part of the house with a dead Wi-Fi zone, where the signal from the router does not reach your computer. If that's the case, to boost the signal, take a seat on a couch or a chair within the eyeshot of your router.

You might also switch your router so it's in a more concentrated location in your house to boost the Wi-Fi signal. Place it, away from metal devices, microwaves, and other obstacles, on a table or shelf. Consider investing in a mesh wireless system or a long-range router if your home has several floors or a complicated layout.

Connect your Internet via Ethernet
You can connect your device straight to your router with an Ethernet cable instead of relying on a Wi-Fi signal. That will provide you with faster speeds and more consistent results.

Upgrade your internet plan or switch provider
Consider calling the internet provider to upgrade your internet speed if you're still having trouble. Or you can turn to a different provider that offers you faster speeds and better overall results if other providers are available in your region.

To see what types of Wi-Fi packages are available in your area, head over to our internet service provider page

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