Guide to Small Business Internet

Guide to Small Business Internet

2023-11-24 22:48:06

When you started your business, the question is should you get a small business internet?

Having a business internet means having a better and faster connection. it might not be something you need but necessary.

How big does your company get before you buy the Internet for business? And how much does it cost? What pace do you need? If I need an internet connection for business, which provider should I use?

When should you choose business internet?

In terms of the small-business Internet, one size does not suit everything.

For an Etsy businessman, a residential connection will function perfectly, of course. But if you're running a full-service company with enough customers that you need to rely on all twenty fingers and toes, well a better setup might be the business internet.

Business internet pros and cons

The best reason for having business internet is quality customer service, an option for a dedicated connection, and guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs); however, all these come with a high price.

The main question here is whether you can bear the expense of the internet for companies. We've seen business internet rates ranging from $35 to $500 a month or more all the way up.

Yup, this isn't a tiny chunk of improvement. But the benefits of the corporate internet may make it worth the price. Let's dig a bit deeper into those ones.

Quality Customer Service

With internet customer service, we have all had run-ins, and it's generally not good.

But the company internet generally comes with high-quality customer service from a professional. And it is normally open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

This is now a perk everyone will appreciate. But every Internet Service Provider (ISP) varies, so inquire before you purchase when customer support is available.

Dedicated connection

Have you ever wished you had no internet bandwidth to share with your neighbors?

Having a business internet plan with a dedicated link, and you won't have to share. That's a big plus because it allows you and your staff to stream video chats, upload documents, and download files during peak hours without worrying about anyone else hogging the link.

Guaranteed service-level agreements

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are one way you can guarantee that with business internet you get what you pay for.

Usually, these guarantee things such as low latency or lag, no downtime for internet connections, 24-hour customer service, and more. And if it is not delivered by your ISP? Ok, those SLAs need to cover how you are going to be paid. (We're talking about rebates, bill credits, or the ability to terminate the contract early.)

How to choose a business internet plan

Decided to go online for business? A decision on an ISP and a strategy is the next step. This move can be just as overwhelming, if not more so, as choosing the Internet for your home.

But it needn't have to be. Here are some ideas to help you find an internet business plan that suits just as well as the many hats you wear as a hustler for small businesses.

Is business internet faster?

Business internet is faster than residential internet—if you have the right package. Most internet plans for companies top about 1,000 Mbps, but we've seen some that grow to 10,000 Mbps or more.

Cost of business internet?

The Internet for business costs anywhere from $34.99 a month to over $500.00 a month. The cost depends on the link type (DSL, cable, or fiber), special features (such as a dedicated line), and what speed you receive.

You'll probably save some money every month if you bundle your business internet with phones, Cable, or other services.

Best Provider for business internet

Below is a list of the best internet provider

- AT&T
- CenturyLink
- Frontier
- Verizon Fios
- Viasat

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