Small Business Email Marketing Strategy & Tips

Small Business Email Marketing Strategy & Tips

2023-01-26 06:38:11

Effective email marketing campaigns can help you increase traffic and sales while keeping your subscribers engaged. Although SMS, social media, and push notifications have grown in popularity over the last decade or two, most marketers still rely on email.

While there are no quick fixes for email marketing success, you may enhance your results over time by implementing some surprisingly basic changes. We'll go through some of the most efficient techniques to optimize your email marketing so that you can move more leads through the customer journey in this article.

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Create an Email List

In theory, there are two methods to increase sales via email marketing: add more leads to your list or convert a better percentage of those leads into customers. While most marketers focus on the second step, improving your email list is always beneficial.

When it comes to your contact list, quantity is obviously less significant than quality. Some companies explicitly pay for leads, but this will only affect your business in the long term. Paid leads are less likely to have a specific interest in your business, thus they're less likely to receive your emails or visit your website.

Poor performance on these and other metrics might damage your sender reputation and email deliverability over time. Organic list development takes time, but when you attract leads who are really interested in your content, you'll see significantly better levels of interaction.

One of the most reliable strategies to increase subscribers is to use lead magnets. A lead magnet is a free gift that users receive in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.

It might be everything from a free trial or webinar to an eBook or white paper. More leads will join your list and begin their customer journey as a result of a great lead magnet.

Always run A/B test

Customer data is one of the most effective tools for iterating on your strategy, and A/B tests are more accessible than ever before. An A/B test compares two variants of the same advertisement to see which one achieves better results in terms of a specific aim. If you manage e-commerce email marketing, for example, you might test two versions of a discount email to see which one performs better in terms of sales.

Open rates and click-through rates for emails in your welcome sequence, on the other hand, may be more important to you. A/B testing also makes determining a particular, measurable goal for each communication a lot easier. You'll have all the information you need to choose the optimal option for the rest of your campaign after running a quick test.

Some email marketing platforms take it a step further by allowing subscribers to evaluate multiple varieties at the same time. You could generate eight variants based on two different alternatives for each of the three aspects if you wanted to change the subject line, sender name, or email timing. You won't have to run multiple tests to get clear answers on the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Open Rates improvement

The next step after adding a lead to your email list is to get them to open your emails. Different audiences respond to different techniques, so determining which ones are most likely to resonate with your readers isn't always easy.

Even though growing your email list is generally a good thing, having too many subscribers will affect your open rate and reputation as a sender. It may be time to let go of a subscriber who hasn't opened or reacted to any of your messages in more than a few months. To maximize your email deliverability, you should remove them from your list after one final follow-up for re-engagement.

Because subject lines are one of the only components that readers see before opening an email, it's critical to craft unique subject lines that stand out from the rest of their inbox. Users will ignore your messages if you employ generic, sales-oriented terminology like "clearance" or "limited-time."

Another part of email marketing that is overlooked is sender names. Some brands, for example, use a personal name in their emails, such as "Emily from (brand name)." These small details can add a personal touch to your messaging and encourage readers to discover more.

Finally, you may prevent sending irrelevant emails by inquiring ahead of time about the types of material your readers are interested in. Some subscribers may be interested in your blog content, while others may only want discounts and product launch announcements. Customizing your content to each individual subscriber's tastes will help you send more targeted messages and increase your open rate.

Make Your Messages Mobile-Friendly

According to research, approximately half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, making mobile users just as important as desktop users for email marketing. If you don't optimize your messaging for all devices, your click-through rate will suffer, and it will be more difficult to move mobile subscribers through the sales cycle.

You should avoid utilizing large formats that could run off the edge of a smartphone screen, in addition to brief subject lines that can be displayed on a smaller device. Make sure that all of the buttons in your emails are large enough for users to press without touching anything else.

Finally, keep in mind that your photographs may not be visible to Android users. Any content that needs to be viewable outside of photos should be repeated at least once. Remember to view your own emails on a mobile device on a regular basis to spot any problems.


Improving your email effectiveness takes effort, but these simple strategies will help you remain ahead of the competition by updating your present habits. Every email marketing measure, from obtaining new leads to re-engaging dormant subscribers, must be monitored. You'll gradually convert more leads into buyers, and more purchases into loyal customers.

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