DISH Business Review: Packages & Prices and more

DISH Business  Review: Packages & Prices and more

2021-04-26 23:26:21

Considering its modest origins, DISH is now a Fortune 250 corporation with approximately 16,000 employees in the United States and more than 12 million pay-TV subscribers around the world. DISH has some of the highest-quality programming as well as cutting-edge technology.

DISH continues to lead the industry by providing consumers with the greatest value — the same platforms at a lower price — despite its dedication to continually introducing the most innovative goods.

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DISH TV Packages
DISH High-Speed Internet Add-Ons
Whole-Home HD DVR
Free Professional Standard Installation
24/7 Customer Service
Voice Remote with the Google Assistant
DISH Protect


Additional Fees
Does Not Offer NFL Sunday Ticket
Weather Conditions Can Affect The Signal

TV Packages

Customers can choose from four different TV packages on the DISH network, each of which provides hours of entertainment. Customers may customize their kits to meet their specific needs. DISH TV packages include a variety of options, including sports channels, HD channels, live TV, and more. DISH TV offers a 2-year TV price guarantee, free HD for life, over 70 Sirius XM music channels, DISH Anywhere, and free standard professional installation with every kit.

Each bundle also includes a Smart HD DVR and a free Voice Remote. More details on DISH's channel lineup can be found on their website.

190 TV Channels: America’s Top 120
$59.99 per month with a 2-year contract
Notable: ESPN, USA, CMT, Disney Channel, E!
Local Channels
Over 28,000 free On Demand titles
190+ TV Channels: America’s Top 120 Plus

$74.99 per month with a 2-year contract
Notable Channels: SEC Network, Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network, NFL Network, and Regional Sports Included
ESPN and Local Channels
Over 28,000 free On Demand titles
240+ TV Channels: America’s Top 200

$84.99 per month with a 2-year contract
Notable Channels: MLB Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, and the Golf Channel
Additional Top Channels: Hallmark, Disney, XD, Bravo, A&E, and Sundance
ESPN, Local Channels, and Regional Sports
Over 35,000 free On Demand titles
290+ TV Channels: America’s Top 250

$94.99 per month with a 2-year contract
All of America’s Top 200 plus 17 movie channels: Turner Classic Movies, STARZ Encore Channels, The Movie Channel, and more
ESPN, Local Channels, NFL Network, and Regional Sports
Over 36,000 free On Demand titles

Users can select from up to 290 channels depending on their subscription. Unlike several other satellite TV providers, DISH provides its services in all 50 states of the United States, with customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subscribers should be mindful that all deals need credit approval, a two-year commitment with an early termination fee, and the use of eAutoPay.

Customers who purchase such bundles can receive a free three-month trial of premium channels such as SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Disney Movie Pack.

High-Speed Internet Add-Ons

Another of the benefits of purchasing DISH TV is the extra discounts you can get when you bundle your package with other DISH services. Pricing for those who combine DISH TV with high-speed internet will start as low as $20 per month. This high-speed internet service will allow you to surf, stream, and play games quickly.

Whole-Home HD DVR

Clients can watch TV in any room of the house with the Hopper 3, DISH's award-winning Whole-Home HD DVR, and secondary receivers. Users will begin watching a show in the living room and then pause and continue watching once they are in bed. Customers can also say goodbye to recording conflicts, as DISH allows them to record up to 16 programs simultaneously. The ability to watch four channels at once is perhaps one of Hopper 3's most innovative features.

Free Professional Standard Installation

Unlike other providers, DISH will install the Whole-Home DVR system and mount the satellite dish for free. Customers should expect a lot of transparency from the organization when it comes to what they can expect on their installation day and what the installation entails.

Customers can expect their DISH technician to:

Conduct a site survey and provide recommendations to where the satellite dish should be placed
Assemble and mount the satellite dish
Install DISH receivers (Hopper, Joey, etc.) for each television included in the service, in up to 6 rooms
Program DISH remotes to work with the TV and DISH Receiver
Answer any questions
Provide prompt and courteous service

24/7 Customer Service

DISH has help desk agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help troubleshoot, fix problems, and bring consumers back to watching their favorite show. DISH has nine contact centers throughout the United States staffed by customer service representatives who are able to assist with any queries.

Voice Remote with the Google Assistant

DISH has a voice remote that works with Google Assistant. This was accomplished by directly integrating the smart assistant into each DISH set-top box. Users can change platforms, open applications, check for particular actors or shows, ask questions, and even handle everyday tasks like grocery shopping lists. A remote locator, backlit keys, and the ability to personalize individual hotkeys are among the other features.

DISH Protect

DISH Protect guarantees that consumers are protected if anything goes wrong with their equipment. Clients can choose from three different plans: Silver, Gold, or Platinum, depending on how much coverage they need. The proposed pricing and coverage for DISH Protect plans are as follows:

Silver: $9.99 per month

$0 Technician Visits (regular cost $95)
Advanced Agent Access
First Appointment of the Day
Joeys at No Upfront Cost
10% Smart Home Services Discount
Free Shipping on Replacement Equipment
Identity Recovery
Gold: $12.99 per month (includes all features of the Silver plan)

Identity Protection
Cybersecurity and Anti-Virus
Real-Time Tech Support
Platinum: $24.99 per month (includes all Silver and Gold plan features)

Whole-Home Device Protection

Additional Fees

With all that DISH has to offer, customers may find themselves signing up for better equipment, more channels, and longer contracts. Although fees are standard throughout the industry, customers should be aware of what’s being added to their bill. Here’s a list of some of the current DISH Network fees that customers may come across:

DVR Service

Hopper or VIP: $15 per month
922: $10 per month

Hopper 3, Hopper with Sling, or Hopper: $15 per month
Super Joey: $10 per month
4K Joey, Wired Joey, or Wireless Joey: $7 per month
Wally: $7 per month
Billing Transaction Fees

Late Payment: $10
Returned Check/Electronic Funds Transfer: $20
Payment Extention: $15
Appointment Fees

Standard Technician Visit (with DISH Protect): $0
Standard Technician Visit (without DISH Protect): $95
Custom Work Install: $50
Shipping Fees

Standard (with DISH Protect): $0
Standard (without DISH Protect): $15
Expedited (with DISH Protect): $20
Expedited (without DISH Protect): $35
Empty Boxes for Equipment Return: $15
Cancellation Fees

Early Termination (prorated per month remaining in the commitment)

DISH’n It Up: $480
dishNET Satellite: $420
dishNET Wireline: $240
New Customer: $480
Preferred Customer Offer: $240
*2-year commitment: Early termination fee of $20 per month for the number of remaining months applies if you cancel early

Unreturned TV Equipment

Hopper 3: $350
Hopper with Sling: $300
Hopper: $50
Hopper Duo: $250
4K Joey: $50
Super Joey: $100
Wired Joey: $50
Wireless Joey: $25
Wally: $50
LNB: $49
SmartCard: $50


DISH is a great choice for customers who want all the bells and whistles from their TV provider. The company provides affordable TV bundles with a fantastic channel schedule and a 2-year price guarantee, as well as 24/7 live and award-winning customer support, the industry's most advanced DVR system, and the ability to view and capture shows on a mobile device through the app. There are several choices for having your money's worth with DISH.

Customers should be aware of all DISH network fees that are currently in effect. Both of the company's fees, on the other hand, are straightforward, and consumers can easily find them on the website.

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