Cox Business Internet Plans and Pricing

Cox  Business Internet Plans and Pricing

Wed, May 27, 2020 8:01 PM

Most private companies today rely upon a quick, dependable Internet connection to oversee and work their business. With the expanding utilization of cloud-based devices and applications, it's fundamental that your network access provider can support them when you need them. Cox Business is prepared with incredible connection speeds and the highlights you need.

Unwavering Quality: Cox Business has the quick, reliable network access your business merits and needs to continue pushing ahead at max throttle, all day, every day 

Speed: It offers speed of up to 1000 Mbps for your business. That implies you have a connection that is prepared to develop with you, and you get a versatile connection to match your needs as your business develops. 

Internet Gateway: The Internet Gateway has advanced safety measures. SPI Firewalls, Port Filtering, URL Blocking, and Breach Reports are only a couple. This gives your independent business a dependable boundary between your system and the open Internet 

WiFi Hotspot Directory: Cox Internet Gateway includes an alternative to broadcast Cox WiFi, which implies that you can be listed in the Cox WiFi Hotspot Directory. This "pay it forward" opportunity can likewise drive traffic to your business 

Security and Backups: This coordinated solution implies you don't need to monitor your software and equipment or hardware  renewals

Static IP: If you utilize your PC as a server or run at least one web, email, FTP, or DNS servers, at that point you need a static IP address. 

Versatility: It supports a developing business whether it's in various areas or a single location with developing needs and requests

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cox business internet pricing

Cox Business Internet Features

Business Internet

  • Dependable 99%+ Guaranteed Reliability

  • Latest WiFi Technology with 3,000 sq. ft.

  • Security Suite Protection Against Malicious Attacks

  • Work Anywhere on 650,000+ Hotspots

Business Phone

  • Unlimited Local Calling & Flexible Long Distance

  • Get Up To 40+ Business System Features

  • Works with Existing Phones, Equipment & Mobile Devices

  • Hosted VoIP Solutions for Larger Office with Multiple Seats

Business TV

  • HD Channels for the Best Viewing Experience

  • Fully Customized TV Plans Including Channel Line-Up

  • Gain Access to Seasonal Sports & PPV Packages

  • Pro Installation with NO Impact on Your Business Operations

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