Costs of Choosing the Wrong Internet Provider

Costs of Choosing the Wrong Internet Provider

2021-11-24 22:10:54

We've all heard horror stories about Internet outages and their astronomical expenses. Downtime is a significant component in decision-making, which is why network redundancy is so critical, we've made it simple to estimate this expense with our Internet Downtime guide.

What are the other potential expenses of choosing the wrong Internet provider, other than your downtime? There are a few more variables and cost centers to think about.


Integration, or getting your new network up and operating, is a process that involves a few key elements. Each has the potential to cause a slew of problems and delays. Choosing an Internet provider necessitates a thorough examination of these potential issues and their associated expenses.

  • Speed - Will your new network's download and upload speeds suit your requirements? Is this really a "best effort" service? When additional bandwidth is required, how quickly can you scale up?

  • Calendar - Can you rely on your network provider to collaborate with you to achieve deployment and operational deadlines? What would it cost you if your network isn't up and running when you need it?

  • Installation - Installing and testing new equipment in your facility can be difficult, particularly if you have to wait for the line to be laid to your position. Our clients have told us that getting a new fiber network installed can take months. This can add up quickly, especially if you need a dedicated connection.

  • Planning - When it comes to installs, how busy is your Internet provider? How far along are you in the queue? What about permissions for extra lines to be laid to your location? Scheduling your new network installation might be a hassle in and of itself.

Service to Customers

When it comes to selecting an Internet service provider, it's important to look into the degree of customer service offered. The improper Internet provider will put you on hold, give you erroneous service and appointment estimates, and lose you money, time, and productivity in general. Consider the following expenses of bad customer service, according to a recent labor-management study:

  • 35% of customers have terminated their accounts or stopped using a brand because of poor customer service.

  • Poor customer service costs $130 billion to American businesses.

  • The average time it takes to resolve a communication problem is 2.5 hours.

Costs of Choosing the Wrong Internet Provider

Each company must examine how poor customer service from the wrong Internet provider affects their services. If your provider has trouble resolving service issues on a regular basis, it is losing you time, money, productivity, and possibly your brand's reputation with clients.

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Cyber Security Breaches

Choosing an Internet provider entails selecting a secure portal via which your firm may access the vast resources of the internet. Is that entryway secure? The security industry has disputed what role Internet service providers should play in cyber security almost since the birth of the commercial Internet. Should your Internet service provider be proactive and protect you with various security protocols?

While the discussion continues, the fact remains that selecting the wrong Internet provider can expose your company to significant cyber security threats. This may be considered one of the expenses of downtime, but it frequently overlooks the effort and cost of ensuring that all security gaps are closed so that a security breach does not occur again.

Level of Productivity

When picking an Internet provider, it's critical to think about whether they can provide the speed and connectivity you need to keep your business running smoothly. Is it really possible for them to guarantee bandwidth and uptime? Is there a guarantee in their service-level agreement (SLA), and do they stand behind it?

According to the above-mentioned workforce management survey, each responding company lost an average of $903.67 per employee per year in productivity owing to bad customer service. Can your firm afford to lose so much money due to a poor Internet provider selection?

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Costs of Choosing the Wrong Internet Provider

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