All You Need To Know About Spectrum Mobile

All You Need To Know About Spectrum Mobile

2023-11-24 23:29:46

Spectrum was a cable TV and internet provider for a long time, but now it still sells mobile phone plans. You already have to be a Spectrum Internet member, but relative to other wireless providers, Spectrum's broadband plans are competitive and provide decent network coverage. Depending on how much data you need and use, you can select a by-the-gig option or an unlimited plan.

Spectrum Business Internet Plans, Pricing, and FAQs

You could go for one of the by-the-gig plans Spectrum deals if you know how much data use you're going to incur. However, at a reasonable rate, they still offer an unlimited plan, so you have choices. Some providers of mobile data place a data cap on their so-called unlimited plans. Spectrum hasn't. It is a real plan that is infinite.

Each line you add costs $14/mo with Spectrum's shared data plans. And comes with data of 1GB. But if you're on a plan with more than one device, you're sharing the info. So, if you have a 1GB plan and your spouse has a 1GB plan, then on one bill, both are counted together. For instance, if you use 1.2GB and your spouse uses 0.5GB, the sum of 1.7GB would be shown in your plan. Spectrum rounds up their plans as well, so you're going to be paying 2GB. You'll be fined 3GB if you go over and use 2.1GB.

You could be better off using an unlimited data plan than any of the larger by-the-gig plans, as you can see from the table above. You're going to end up spending more than you can pay for an unlimited plan. It all depends on how much data you're going to use and how many devices on the same plan you're going to get.

At $45/mo., Spectrum has one of the cheapest unlimited data plans, and its limited data plans cost $14/GB regardless of how many lines or GBs you include.

Shared Data
Shared data plans from Spectrum are great if you're not going to do a lot of gaming or streaming. From 1, 2, 3, or 4 gigabytes of data per month, you can choose. You can select the cheaper unlimited plan if you're going to use more than that since if you use more than 4 GB, you'll pay more for the by-the-gig option.

Unlimited plans
At just $45/mo., Spectrum's unlimited data plan is more affordable than other alternatives. Uh, per line. The average cost per unlimited line is $63 at Verizon, $59 at AT&T, and $51 at T-Mobile.

Additional Perks
In its phone plans, Spectrum offers a range of good perks, however, you won't get the free video subscriptions and phone promotions you'll find with larger carriers. That said, for all plans, Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile hotspots are available, as is unrestricted discussion and email. For such data plans from Spectrum, you can be either a business or residential client. Many of Spectrum's plans also include 5G coverage.

Spectrum Promotions on cell phones
Spectrum's phone offers are very small compared to carriers like AT&T and Verizon, but on older phones, you can still find some good discounts.

Overall, with bigger firms such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, Spectrum Mobile's phone deals will not compete. With these carriers, when you turn, you can normally get the new smartphones for free. That said, on a few Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy versions, Spectrum does have some tempting discounts. Unfortunately, via Spectrum, there is only one iPhone offer available right now — $100 off the iPhone 11 Pro.

Bonus for Trade-in
Spectrum is offering a trade-in bonus on certain phones right now. You can trade in your old smartphone and get a new one for up to $100. You'll get a free SIM card if you carry your own phone with you. You may also apply to get financing on a new phone, but you can pay a monthly charge instead of paying for it all upfront before the new phone is paid off.

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Bring your own smartphone
You should carry the one you're already using if you don't want to buy a new phone when you turn to Spectrum. Everything you'll need to do is make sure that your phone is unlocked. You probably won't need to take any action to unlock a phone from Verizon; after 60 days, Verizon phones are automatically unlocked. For other carriers, to unlock your computer, you may need to call customer service. You'll be able to bring your phone and number over to Spectrum after that.

How do the prices of Spectrum's mobile phones compare?
If you need to purchase a new phone with your package, compared to other providers, you might end up spending more on Spectrum. For eight of the most common phones, Spectrum's average price is $850. AT&T's total phone rate is $653. The total phone cost for Verizon is 721 dollars. The average phone cost for Sprint is close to $843. Finally, at an average of $856, T-Mobile rings in. You could save some money elsewhere, depending on what type of phone you choose.

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